He can See Your Heart and Read Your Mind

Today I am over at Creating My Happiness with the lists that have kept me focused during this job transition. But I wanted to drop in and share just a brief glimpse of how God is working in our lives.

Earlier this week, I had a very brief conversation with my Dad this week just catching him up with my job search and kids, etc.  I mentioned that my big concern was getting the little kids winter jackets as they have out grown the ones they have used for the past couple of years.  I hadn’t mentioned this need to anyone else.HE CAN SEE YOUR

The next afternoon I received a message on Facebook from a woman I know from church and around the community…offering winter coats.  God answers prayers, spoken and unspoken I see examples of that daily now as I learn more and more to turn things over to Him and be aware of His work in my life.

Have you spoken to God today?  He would like to hear from you.

I am not preaching when I say that…I am praying that you do.  Because in my life, I didn’t listen, I didn’t take the time to get to know Him to listen to Him.  And because He wants my attention, He wants a relationship with me…well, I’m hard headed and He had to bring me to my knees to get it.  I don’t want that to be the case with you.  He’s waiting for you too!


Living a Life of Abundance, what a Joke or Is it?

“This is a time of abundance in your life.” Quote from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Imagine my surprise when that was the opening statement in my morning devotional.  I about busted out laughing, and only controlled myself because the kids were still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them.

Living a Life of AbundanceI mean, seriously!  I’ve lost my only source of income, completely run out of money and I have four children and four animals relying on my to support them.  “Time of abundance” – you’ve got to be joking, He’s got to be joking!

However, I have truly found myself craving these daily quiet times with God and His word.  Amazed at how spot on the messages I’ve been reading have applied to my life at this very moment.  It’s like this devotional book was written just for me, knowing exactly what I would be going through each day so I kept reading…and frankly you need to read this:

This is a time of abundance in your life. Your cup runneth over with blessings. After plodding uphill for many weeks, you are now traipsing through lush meadows drenched in warm sunshine. I want you to enjoy to the full this time of ease and refreshment. I delight in providing it for you.
Sometimes My children hesitate to receive My good gifts with open hands. Feelings of false guilt creep in, telling them they don’t deserve to be so richly blessed. This is nonsense-thinking, because no one deserves anything from Me. My kingdom is not about earning and deserving; it’s about believing and receiving.
When a child of Mine balks at accepting My gifts, I am deeply grieved. When you receive My abundant blessings with a grateful heart, I rejoice. My pleasure in giving and your pleasure in receiving flow together in joyous harmony.
November 12, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

My balk quickly turned into shame, which then turned into joy as I read. You see I have been struggling with a tremendous amount of shame. An overwhelming amount of shame. Having to apply for food stamps, knowing there is no way I can pay my rent next month and daily reminders of what I can no longer do for my kids.

But these daily meetings with God have turned that around me. Let me just give you a synopsis of what He has revealed to me over the last few days:

  • November 11 – It’s not by might nor by power but by His spirit – God does not provide strength based on my ‘normal’ He provides it based on my reality.  I just have to invite Him in. Deuteronomy 33:25
  • November 10 – He is ALWAYS with me.  And it’s important that no matter what is going on in my day that I keep my eyes on Him. Psalms 89: 15-16
  • November 9 – Stay in the present, He is here.  I have to give Him my troubles, as often as they come to mind. Don’t look at the future, it is already taken care of, what I see in my mind is a version without God. Deuteronomy 31:6

I could go on and on.  But I won’t because I HATE people preaching to me (I don’t mind teaching and pointing me in the right direction.)

I will end with this.  God has a purpose for each of us, but it is up to us to choose Him.  But I can guarantee you this, when you choose Him and His plan and seek His guidance, He will not forsake you.  Even in the darkest hour, even when life seems to overwhelm you, He will give you joy, He will give you peace and most importantly He will reveal himself to you.  I KNOW this, I SEE this daily as I seek His direction strive to live by faith.

My prayer…Send me, God, use me.

Why I wore Workout Clothes every day After I lost My Job

It took me all of one day to turn off work and turn on hit the floor running!  As a work from home, homeschooling mom-preneur my daily wear was lazy wear for as long as possible then throw on whatever was clean and head out the door.  I rarely wore shoes except for flip flops or slide on fuzzy boots when it was chilly.  And I was going….

That all changed the day I lost my job.  I read YEARS ago on that to be your most productive, you had to get dressed all the way to the shoes every morning when you got up.  That was my favorite tip I ever read.  She says “Shoes are a tool! and she made a point to say they must be laced up shoes for this to work.

So the morning after I lost my job, I changed my habits immediately…no more getting up and working in my PJs.  I was up, showered, breakfast cooked and dressed with my laced up shoes before the kids even saw the sun.  workout-clothes

I have been the most productive and the most joyful I think I could be in this last week as I face this job transition.  And I quickly realized that.  So while I know you are supposed to dress for the job you want, not the one you have…I’m going to be wearing my work out clothes for this time in my life.  Because frankly, I have the job I want, raising my children, teaching my children, coaching my children, now I just need to find a way to support that job.

And my laced up shoes…well, there are step one to getting me there! So this mama, mom-preneur, teacher, coach is going to be wearing her workout clothes and tennis shoes as a uniform for the time being!

God did NOT Promise you Wealth and Riches

When I was studying for my bachelors of social work many, many years ago, I studied a theory called self fulfilling prophecy. Essentially it means that a person can inadvertently make a prediction come true just because they are told and believe something. This is a theory that I have seen proven time and time again in my own life and those around me. Not that it’s infallible, but in general I believe that when a person believes something and puts their mind to it, they can make it happen.

Now enter what is generally referred to as the Prosperity Gospel. A very generalized view of this would be “if you see it and you claim in in God’s name, you will get it.” Now this makes my stomach tie in knots. I don’t believe the many, many verses in the Bible referring to God’s promises to take care of us indicate in any form or fashion that we are all going to be rich nor do they mean that He will supply all that we ask for in His name. Frankly, from my own experience, I think many times the answer to the prayers we pray is a flat out “No” or even a “in My time and in My method, not yours.”

So what brought this to my mind today you ask?  I have started attending a weekly job transition group since I got word that my job/contract was ending at the end of this month.  I am really enjoying it. It’s a very positive group that joins spiritual belief and job search skills.  I’m getting a lot out of it, however, this morning the brief Bible lesson was super focused on the prosperity gospel.

I found the lesson we read here if you want to see it: Financial Hardship and Debt Help via Faith.  First, I totally agree in trusting God to take care of all of our needs from the tiniest to the largest.  I also believe that we need to daily hand over our worries to Him.  He will help us to overcome all hardships in some form or fashion, but that’s not to say it won’t be a hard, long process with some suffering involved.

My main problem with this lesson came from the scenarios and speaking faith over them…

  1. Foreclosure: I do not believe we as Christians are promised a “bigger and better” house because we speak faith over it.  I think we are promised safety and security but really, that could come in the form of a tiny apartment
  2. Inability to Pay Bills: I think our bills will be paid off as God does instruct us to be wise with our money and certainly everyone through no fault of their own has encountered financial hardships.  However, those bills may be paid off with say your life insurance policy because of death or many other less than pleasant methods.  So speaking faith over it…I don’t know, claiming it, I don’t know.  I would have been more comfortable with the “faith speaking” focusing on being grateful for what I do have and what He will provide rather than assuming an abundance, etc.
  3. Laid Off: Really?  When you get laid off, you are going to get a job that pays double the salary?

I am certainly not doubting God’s power to do all these things at all.  Believe me, He can do ANYTHING! I just don’t think that when we pray or talk to God or speak faith, whatever term you want to use, you can assume that all is going to be perfect and better.  It may in fact get harder and harder.  But one thing I know, He never abandons you. He will never forsake you.  He will always take care of you.

And most importantly there is always, and I do mean ALWAYS something to be grateful for  and that is what I am banking on as I go through this job loss/financial insecurity trial.

What are your thoughts on the Prosperity Gospel?